About us

Centuries of enslavement, unethical medical experimentation, and countless cases of racial inequality & injustice throughout the United States has severely damaged the relationship between the Black community and medicine. Not only have these factors affected participation in healthcare but it has noticably impeded diversification, specifically that of black men, within public health professsions.

Research indicates that increased diversity and representation in healthcare leads to better health outcomes. In recent years, attempts to restore trust, provide equitable care, and promote diversity and inclusion have been made. Yet, throughout the nation a great number of minorities remain skeptic. Resistance still exists as we observe the Black community's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination campaign.

BMiPH was organized to recruit and retain Black men across traditional and non-traditional disciplines whom directly or indirectly influence the field of public health in effort to rebuild trust and improve the health and wellbeing in the black community. This goal will be acheived through mentorship, education, training, and scholarship.

Our mission is simple: advance and promote diverse leaders in public health.



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